Thursday, March 22

Adopt a Kennel Scheme

North Clwyd Animal Rescue look after over 1000 stray and unwanted dogs each year. By sponsoring a kennel, you are helping to ensure that these dogs are looked after the way they deserve to be. The money raised from the Adopt a Kennel scheme helps keeps the dogs in warm, clean bedding, have the necessary veterinary treatment, fresh food and water and the care and attention they deserve from our friendly staff.
When you adopt a kennel, you will receive a certificate and regular newsletters with photos from the dogs in the kennel you have adopted.
The Adopt a Kennel scheme is also a great gift idea for friends and loved ones.
Due to rising costs of food and treatment, each kennel costs roughly £600 per year to look after. As a sponsor of a kennel, we do not expect people to pay £600 per year. For this reason, we have split each kennel into shares of 10. So, all we ask from you is a donation of around £5 per month to help care for the animals at NCAR.
Below is a breakdown for one share of a kennel for the different animals we have here.
DOGS        £5 per month
CATS         £4 per month
RABBITS    £3 per month
Of course, if you would like to sponsor more than the above amount, the animals here would be more than grateful.
Adopting a kennel couldnt be easier. Simply download the attachment, complete it and send it off to:

Jonathan Ford
Adopt a Kennel Scheme
North Clwyd Animal Rescue
Maes Gwyn
Glan yr Afon Road
Nr Holywell
We are working on a way of completing this form on-line, so please bear with us for now.