Sunday, June 24

NCAR Building Projects: The Behaviour Unit

 NCAR Building Projects

The Behaviour Unit

Thanks to a grant from the “Support Adoption for Pets Foundation” we have been able to convert one of the older kennel blocks into our new Behavioural Unit.
This unit enables us and our volunteer behaviourist Adam from K999 to work with some of our more difficult dogs.
As with any rescue, many of the animals that arrive at the centre have been mistreated and through no fault of their own have problems that have been created by humans.
These problems can often be corrected with time and patience so that they can become a happy family pet.
This new unit will help to rehabilitate six dogs at a time and we cannot thank Pets at Home enough for making this possible.
If you are having behavioural problems with your own dog Adam is always willing to help –
his mission is to try and prevent dogs from being taken into rescue centres.
Adam can be contacted on 07736299752 or you can visit his website: