Friday, September 28


As you will have seen there was flooding at the Rescue on Monday, it was worse than last time and it was shown on the BBC and ITV News that evening. This time things were worse with over 20 dogs having to be fostered out over a period of 24 to 48 hours due to their kennel being flooded.
We asked via the media and Facebook for temporary foster homes and were completely overwhelmed by the response, the phone never stopped, as soon as we hung up from one call it rang immediately, a fantastic response. It is at times of crisis that you really find out how kind and helpful people can be.
The car park was under 1ft (30cm) of water with only our 4x4 being able to carry people and animals in and out of the rescue. Following an appeal on the television we had a fantastic response with companies offering to help solve the problem on a permanent basis, help we desperately need and hopefully now future problems will be avoided, depending of course on costs.

To help with the flooded car park we had pumps offered and a team of Marine Biologists from Anglesey, some 60 miles away, battled the weather to bring pumps to clear the car park and allow access.

We are very grateful to everyone that responded to the appeal and offered help in one way or another, it was an absolutely fantastic response, even people that had not seen the news or were on Facebook contacted us because a husband, wife, daughter or whatever had seen it there and rang them to offer help.

So a massive thank you to everyone, we were amazed at the response, diolch yn fawr i bawb.