Tuesday, October 9

Dog Wardens get Award

Denbighshire's dog warden team has been awarded the RSPCA’s gold footprint award for its work with stray dogs.
The Community Animal Welfare Footprint Awards was introduced by the RSPCA in 2008 to recognise and promote those that have made an extra effort and gone beyond basic service requirements to ensure higher welfare standards in the service they provide.
This is the first time that the council has applied for the award and is now entitled for the next 12 months to use an accredited logo on its website and publications.
The council also acknowledged the support of the North Clwyd Animal Rescue for their support, Denbighshire's stray dogs are brought to North Clwyd Animal Rescue until their owners are found or until they are re-homed.
Wrexham County Borough Council has all been awarded a Platinum footprint award for maintaining their gold standard in the stray dogs category for the past five years, since the Community Animal Welfare Footprint (CAWF) scheme was launched.
The RSPCA CAWF scheme is split into four main categories – animal welfare principles, contingency planning, housing and stray dogs. Depending on the standards of the level of service, either: gold, silver or bronze footprints are awarded.
Since the schemes’ inception in 2008, the Stray Dog Footprint award has been the most popular, with achievers inspiring others to develop and improve their service. The main aim of the Stray Dogs Footprint is to encourage local councils to improve services.