Friday, December 21

Bonding through walking

The simplest way for dogs to bond with each other and with people is an easy relaxed group walk. At North Clwyd Animal Rescue we try hard to walk the dogs together as often as possible so they can practice their social skills and enjoy the company of other dogs.
If dogs aren't keen on other dogs this is often the best way to show them how to be calm around other dogs, and from there they can become curious and start to interact with the dogs which once scared them!

Del out with Snowy (who's now adopted)

Long term resident Strider going for a stroll with the lovely Rhianna

Staffies Sasha and Rebecca

Quiet Del and the fantastic Fern meet whilst on a walk

Fern also gets to go exploring with Rebecca

Kya (now adopted), Rhianna, Penny (adopted) and Juliet (adopted) loved their group walks

Socalising dogs in group walks does take a bit of organising and it doesn't happen as often as we'd like at NCAR, so any volunteers who would like to help out with this type of activity, just let us know!
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