Saturday, March 30

Keep your Dogs away from your Easter Eggs

Everyone knows that chocolate is bad for dogs, don't they? 

Well one owner in South Wales was reminded of the problem when their dog consumed the children's Easter Eggs, fortunately the dog was rushed to the vet's and is now recovering.

So what caused it?  Chocolate contains a chemical, theobromine, that is toxic to dogs. Dogs are not able to metabolize this chemical quickly enough within their livers, and this can be a problem if they ingest an overwhelming amount of chocolate.

Also, different types of chocolate have different amounts of theobromine in them. The higher the cacao content, the more theobromine the chocolate contains and the more toxic it is to dogs.

Theobromine is related to caffeine, and the symptoms of chocolate intoxication can resemble excess caffeine intake. Dogs can become agitated to the point of uncontrolled trembling. They can appear hypersensitive to noise and hyper-reactive to external stimuli. With higher levels of intake, seizures may occur. In severe cases, death can result. 
Because the toxicity of theobromine is dependent on a dog’s weight, a smaller dog ingesting the same amount as a bigger dog has a greater chance of toxicity.

But the good news is that treatment can succeed if symptoms are caught early, but to avoid any problems keep dogs and chocolate away from each other.

Remember, the chocolate products specifically produced for dogs does not pose this risk but still remember, moderation in all things!