Friday, November 30

A focus on Penny

Penny is a stunning 2 year old ‘red’ Staffie who came into North Clwyd Animal rescue as a stray. She arrived very nervous and suffers from panicky stress in her kennel. I started taking her out with other dogs to hopefully help her gain some confidence and relax a bit. Penny was simply fantastic; she was very comfortable in the company of other dogs and showed great manners and social skills. Whilst out on group walks I was able to clip her lead to my belt and forget about her as she just trotted along next to me amongst the other dogs. When she was let off lead to play with the other dogs she once again proved to be a great dog. Penny showed great manners and skills whilst interacting with the other dogs and even when she had to deal with 2 or 3 pushy dogs at once, she still kept calm and never caused any trouble. Check out the video...

I took Penny and Kya on a day out to Delamere Forest to meet up with several other Staffies from the StaffieZone group ( and spend a few hours walking in the woods there. Penny handled meeting the several staffiezone Staffies brilliantly and joined in with their pack as if she’d walked with them all her life. She met people and dogs of all shapes, sizes and types and each time greeted them in her usual friendly way.  We even encountered some rather forceful dogs (the type who often create fights) but she did a great job appeasing these dogs and prevented any trouble erupting! She also handled the car journey from the rescue centre to the forest, which was close to an hour, very well.
here is a video of their day...

Not only does Penny love being with dogs, she adores people! She does fancy herself as a bit of a lapdog and is a big fan of curling up next to you (or on you!) as soon as you sit down. She is ever so friendly and a great credit to her breed. She has massive potential and as yet has received very little of even the most basic training.

The staff and I will continue to mix her as much as possible at the rescue centre, which will be made easier by the fact she has become one of my helper dogs. Due to her calm friendly temperament I do use her to help problem dogs overcome their issues, especially dog aggression. She has already been involved helping with several such cases and behaved perfectly each time. The irony is of course she is the one who needs somebody to help her by simply giving her a chance!

Although happy out of her pen she still really struggles being in her kennel, which is hard to witness as she is such a good all round dog she would be a great family companion and really shouldn't be stuck in a rescue centre.

Adam –