Tuesday, November 27

Recall with deaf Joey

Joey the deaf terrier is having a tough time coping back in rescue so I though I'd do some recall training with him. Obviously, being deaf makes recall work a bit tricky, so I bought a laser pointer along with me to help. I put some sausage on the floor and flashed the laser over it until Joey noticed it, hopefully getting Jo to associate the light with the sausage. We did this a couple of times then started increasing the distance I beamed the laser from the sausage. Joey learnt very quickly and began chasing the laser back from up to 8m (the length of the flexy lead) for his treat. He also did well with other dogs distracting him, he still came back with the laser.
The next session will be off lead! Adam - www.K999.biz

Joey's photo profile -http://www.flickr.com/photos/ncar/sets/72157630880455682/with/7642366468/

North Clwyd Animal Rescue - http://www.ncar.org.uk/