Friday, August 10

From skin and bone to going home

Carla last Thursday
Who would have thought that when this poor starved, frightened little dog, that was less than a quarter of the weight she should be for her age, would be bouncing around and finally enjoying life only a week later.

When Carla came in she was one of the worst cases of neglect that the Rescue had ever seen, she was a pitiful sight. She had been subject to unbelievable neglect by her human owner or owners, she was in this state because of what humans had done to her. Yet when she arrived at the vet last week, just before she was taken away by the vet she showed affection for the staff member that had carried her on their knee and reassured her on the journey, she licked his hand and face.This was possibly the first time she had felt some love from a human.
  She needed a lot of one-to-one attention initially but within 72 hours of being found she had more than doubled her weight. 

Carla has continued to make progress, the veterinary nurse that looked after her took her home to get used to other dogs and home life to prepare her for her new home when one was found. The nurse, Sian, has done a fantastic job and Carla is now 3 times heavier than she was one week ago, not only that she has really changed massively in this period. She has interacted with other dogs and cats. 

Last Saturday when new she met
Sian told us "She's grown in confidence and doesn't hide behind my legs any more, she has been out on short walks with my other dogs, she's slowly learning how to play and what a ball is for"
Sitting proud

Carla is very much a success story and shows that with a lot of love and care what can be done in a very short time, even when they are as bad as she was.Of one thing we can be certain, life's good and getting better for this little girl, she will soon be in her forever home, in the last week she has learnt what love is. The love that the new adopters give her will be re-paid one hundred fold and she will be a fantastic dog. The awful start she had is over, a new and happy chapter begins.....

Resting and looking great, no ribs showing now!

View the latest video of Carla published on Facebook 

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