Monday, August 13

Happy Ending after so much neglect

Just thought I would let everyone know that Carla has found a fantastic new home and has now been adopted.

Having fun can be soooo exhausting
She is such a fabulous dog and a typical staffie, she has tugged so many heartstrings since she was brought into the rescue nearly two weeks ago.  Staff and volunteers here at NCAR, as well as the staff at the vets, all fell in love with her, I mean who could not fall for such a cute face.

She has found a fantastic new home with a family who have 3 children and a little yorkie cross, who all love her dearly. She has the opportunity to play with the children and her new best friend (the little yorkie) and she is taking full advantage of it, lapping up the love she is getting and returning it 10 fold. She now has a new life which must be so different to what she previously had. 

I'm sure her new family will bring her up to the rescue to our Dog Show and Pet Pamper Day in September so we can all see her.

The difference in her is immense and in such a short space of time, she has tripled her body weight and had her life transformed in only 10 days.

The day she came in
Just as a reminder, this is what rescue staff first saw when she came in, a neglected, starved, dehydrated and terrified little dog.

We wish her and her new loving family all the very best, she will make a very loving addition to their family I'm sure.