Wednesday, August 29

Happy tail

The NCAR stand at the show

On the 16th August the NCAR trailer visited the Flint & Denbigh County Show. We took two dogs with us, both dogs had only recently signed over to us.

Will, an 8 yr old collie cross spaniel was rescued as he was going to be put to sleep because of a change in the circumstances of his owners. Sam, an eight month old whippet cross who's owners could no longer give him the home he deserved signed him over to the rescue in the hope that he would find another loving home.
Sam with Nicky
at the show

Both dogs were a big hit at the show and attracted a lot of admiring looks and a lot of affection, both dogs got on well together and were very well behaved.

Both dogs have now found a new loving home, together, which is great news, a family came to the rescue and fell in love with Will, they also wanted a second dog, one that got on with Will and who better than Sam. Once both dogs had been introduced to the family and they saw how well they got on with each other it was obvious that this was a winning combination.

Following a home check, both dogs were picked up and are now enjoying a great life with their new family, no doubt being spoilt rotten.

So this is a very happy and fitting ending to a partnership that started at the show, fortunately neither dog spent much time at the rescue before finding their new home and it is a bonus that they will enjoy life together.