Wednesday, August 29

Micro-chipping Event at Colwyn Bay

Dog being 'chipped'

We will be having a micro-chipping event at our charity shop in Colwyn Bay between 10am and 4pm on Saturday 1st September.

Have your dogs or cats micro-chipped as you browse the many items for sale in our charity shop, you can support the charity and ensure your pets get returned to you should you ever loose them at the same time. 

We will be doing the micro-chipping for only £10 per pet

And if you are wondering how a micro-chip works, well it's a sophisticated electronic device which has been pre-programmed with a unique number, it is implanted in to your pet via a small injection, very similar to that of a vaccination. 
Your pet's unique MicroChip identification number is registered on the UK Database alongside your contact details. 
As your pet's MicroChip contains no battery it is read using a special scanner, which powers the MicroChip allowing it to send a signal back to the scanner. This is then displayed as a number on the screen of the scanner.

And how big is it? Well slightly bigger than a grain of rice, we can show you one when you visit to get your pet chipped.

With the possibility of microchipping becoming compulsory why not get it done now and ensure your pets get returned to you should they get lost or stolen. So why not visit us and get your pets micro-chipped

MicroChipping your pet is a simple procedure that will stay with your pet for life! 

The charity shop is situated at 23 Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay, LL29 7RS

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