Tuesday, July 31

Disappointment for NCAR despite crashing website TWICE

May we thank everyone who has supported us in the House competition recently, however, NCAR  received some very disappointing news today, we didn’t get through to the 2nd round of the house competition run by Persimmon Homes. This was due to the  judges in our region not putting us through – the next step would have been 3 charities from each region making up 23 charities in total going a the final public vote. The judges in our region didn't choose NCAR despite our supporters crashing their website twice with their support. Unfortunately this means we don’t even get a prize, apparently its the judges who decide, not the amount of votes and nominations each charity gets!!

Nicky Owen said " I am so gutted as this would have changed NCAR in so many ways for the better and provided our animals with so much, but never mind, we can live in hope as you never know what is round the corner. But we would like to say a massive thank you to you all for all your kind support and thoughtful words about NCAR. Our supporters are the most important thing to NCAR as they will always be there for us, so let’s be thankful for that! If anyone hears of a similar competition please please let me know at nickyowen@ncar.org.uk fingers crossed we may even win one, one of these days and all our dreams can come true! Thank you to you all xxxx "