Wednesday, July 25

Enrichment Barn a step closer thanks to Pedigree Grant

We are always looking at ways to make the lives of our animals as comfortable and stimulating as possible during their stay  with us. The new enrichment area for the dogs is an old existing Dutch barn that was falling down and the roof had major leaks.

As it is now
Thanks to a grant from Pedigree UK, who have donated money through their Pedigree Adoption Scheme, we are transforming this old dilapidated building into a Dog Enrichment Barn. This new enrichment area will have loads of amazing activities to keep the dogs occupied and stimulate their minds.
The roof is being replaced as we speak and work is on-going to transform it, the majority of the construction work should be completed within the next couple of weeks, however, we are still looking for some help to fully complete the project so, if anyone can donate any white pvc windows or wooden doors (any size), or any doggie enrichment items, we would be most grateful.

Hopefully this project will be completed (all kitted out) by the end of August, if you have any items you can donate to help complete this project please contact or call Nicky on 01745 560546.

We'll keep you up to date on progress and a big thank you to Pedigree