Tuesday, July 31

Shop Volunteers Respond to Visit

NCAR gave its Shop Volunteers a tour of the Rescue last Sunday (29/7/12). The purpose was for the Shop Volunteers to meet the team at the Rescue and have a look round and see the work that they so generously support with their time.

On the day it seemed to be enjoyed by all and given that Tom McLean posted the following on Facebook it looks as if it was.

Tom said
On behalf the team from the North Clwyd Animal Rescue Shop,Colwyn Bay, I'd like to thank Anne, Jean, Nicky, Owain, John, Caroline and all the folks at North Clwyd Animal Rescue,Trelogan for a very moving day today.The oppotunity for volunteers from our shop,along with those of our sister NCAR shops to tour the sanctuary,meet the team and see the Cats,Dogs,Rabbits and Guinea pigs ,Even Dog Walk,and see the amazing work going-on there is one that we all relished. We are deeply grateful to you all. EVERY visit to the Sanctuary leaves lasting memories.Its a fantastic place and the dedication of the team there inspires.