Wednesday, July 25

Socialisation Session

8 rescue dog mix (3 adults & 5 pups)

We set up a socialisation session up at the rescue centre for some of the dogs and puppys. Non of the dogs were perfect but all could benefit from a well organised session such as this.

We took them for a group walk so they could meet each other then we came back to the fenced in paddock and let them off lead.

All the dogs and pups behaved very well and we were most impressed by Fido the jack russel and Micheal the collie, both were very short on social skills but were fantastic in the group learning and showing great manners. 

In the group was, Joey the adult white wirey terrier, Dion the adult brindle lurcher, Max the adult spanial, Fido the young male JRT, Tess the young female JRT, Micheal the young collie, Harriet the brown terrier pup and everybodys little favourite Brax the white staffie pup (who was actually the best behaved!)